partners with a2 to build school library in Turkey

Every year, International Insurance protects thousands of Turkish students who travel abroad to advance their education. But not all students in Turkey have the opportunity to study in another country – or even study at all. That’s why decided to partner with a² International Education Fairs to help build a school library in the Turkish village of Yesilli.

The 19 Mayis School, which in English means “19th of May”, is named after the date that Turkey began its journey to becoming an independent nation. Located in the South Eastern part of Turkey, Yesilli is only 40 km from the Syrian border and has often struggled to find resources for its school.

When heard about the project they were immediately eager to help out. “We have always been committed to the development of education worldwide,” says president Keith Segal. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn.”

As one the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, is well-known in Turkey and is also a global sponsor of a² Fairs. “We wanted to show our support for students in Turkey as whole,” says Keith. “Not just for the kids that can afford to study abroad.”

IMG_0709The official library opening took place on May 6th, 2015 and was marked by a ceremony which included Keith Segal and his wife, Sharon Segal, as well as Lorie Lee who is the director of global business development for International Insurance. Aslihan Ozenc, the director of a² Fairs and Emrah Koknar, who was the general manager for the project attended on behalf a² International Education Fairs. Local dignitaries included the district governor Elif Canan Tuncer Ersoz, the deputy governor Tolga Ersöz and the mayor of Yesilli, Hayrettin Demir.

“The little children lined up to try to speak a few words of English to us,” says Lorie about her experience at the opening ceremony. “It was a very moving moment, one that I will not forget. “

The library school project was originally started by the owners of a² Fairs, who in 2014 decided that they wanted to give back to their community in some way. With over 20 years of experience in the education and counselling field, a² had become the leading international student fair organization in the region. The first library was built in a village close to the Black Sea with the help of donated books from students who attended the a² Fairs. plans to continue to partner with a² Fairs on future educational projects in Turkey.

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