Students Getting Students Excited About Mental Health

Students Getting Students Excited About Mental Health

The keep.meSAFE Student Support Program is committed to helping our educational partners promote mental wellness on campuses across Canada. As part of that commitment, keep.meSAFE had the pleasure of partnering with International Insurance’s Campus Ambassador Program to celebrate Bell Let’s Talk Day 2019.

The Campus Ambassador Program engages student leaders by providing them with meaningful business and community experience as they actively promote the keep.meSAFE Program and general mental health at post-secondary campuses across Canada.

To help celebrate and raise awareness for Bell Let’s Talk Day, each Ambassador team was challenged with the task of engaging their campus by encouraging students to take a selfie with a positive mental health message and post it to social media.

“This was our first time doing an event like this for Bell Let’s Talk Day and we wanted to do something that would be relevant and fun so we asked each team to compete to see which of them could post the most selfies,” said Rana Etcioglu, Campus Ambassador Program Manager. “Our Ambassadors were so excited about the opportunity to engage their peers.”


The top Ambassador teams in this challenge were:

First Place Second Place Third Place
Laurentian University Ryerson University REAL Georgian College
Karidiatou Diakité

Biomedical Biology, 2nd Year

Victor Hu Wong

Business Management, Graduated, Convocation – June 2019

Augusta Bentil                          Social Service Worker, 2nd year
Goke Andy-Loan Richmond

Science Economy, 4th Year

Raymond Wang

Business Technology Management, 2nd year

Joses Evan Soenarto

Business, 2nd year

Bahaa Habra

Diversity, Equity, and Human rights, 2nd Year

  Chandani Modi                         Fitness and Health Promotion,      1st year
Anthony Olowu

Biomedical Biology, 1st year

  Monil Agarwal

Aviation Management, 3rd year


Yoon Chan Choi

Aviation Management Program, 2nd year



keep.meSAFE is committed to doing whatever we can to help campuses break down barriers and encourage students to seek mental health support”, said Jesse Poulin, Program Manager for keep.meSAFE. “One of the best things we can do is empower students to connect with other students to help end the stigma around mental health.”

International students at over 60 Canadian institutions have 24/7 access to remote-based counselling through the keep.meSAFE Program in multiple languages and cultures. Students can connect immediately with master’s level counsellors through telephone to chat. They can also receive ongoing support through telephone, video or in-person consultation.


About keep.meSAFE

The keep.meSAFE Student Support Program is a partnership between International Insurance and Morneau Shepell that began in 2015 and promotes early intervention and timely access to mental health support targeting students who may not typically reach out for help.  The keep.meSAFE Program works with over 60 partners across Canada providing students with 24/7/365 access to immediate mental health support with a licensed clinician who is linguistically and culturally matched.


ABOUT INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE International Insurance was proudly founded with the mandate to deliver innovation where it matters, and compassion where it counts. It is among the world’s largest insurance providers in international education, servicing more than 200,000 international students in Canada alone.  With over 20 years of experience, recognizes that behind every claim, there is a real person in a time of crisis, and takes pride in providing a personalized experience, respectful of the needs and sensitivities of each and every client.  .


For more information, please contact:


Jesse Poulin, Program Manager

keep.meSAFE Program


Tel: 647-922-5239

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