supports EC education project in Cambodia

“We have defined our purpose as helping students succeed in a global community. This describes our reason for being and the impact we want to have on the world.” –EC English Language Centres

Across countries, time zones, and throughout all sections of its organisation, this statement inspires and focuses the team at EC English Language Centres. It is also a core value for International Insurance, which is dedicated to going beyond to support the health and wellness of students around the world.

That’s why when heard about the partnership between EC and United World Schools, an international charity, to build a school in Ban Houy village in Cambodia, offered to help. The school will give 165 local children the opportunity to learn music, art, sport, numeracy, and Khmer, the national language. Included in the project is a well, which will provide fresh, clean drinking water for the whole community.

The building of the school is entirely funded by EC and will be maintained through fundraising activities. The staff at EC are encouraged to get involved and volunteer their time in Cambodia to help with the initiative. has pledged to provide all EC staff who travel to Cambodia with health insurance for the duration of their stay.

To learn more about the ways in which gives back to its institutional partners, contact

Image: Children in Ban Houy village in Cambodia learning with Lego as part of the EC school project.

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