Everyone a winner at the first ever international education cup at ICEF Berlin

If you’ve ever been to ICEF Berlin you know that it can be an exhilarating experience.  This year ICEF turned it up a notch by inviting participants to compete in the first ever International Education Cup to raise money for charity.

Held at a nearby indoor soccer field a day after the workshop, the intense Futsal (indoor football) competition attracted teams of educators, agents and service providers. Each participant was fully insured by guard.me International Insurance, one of the main sponsors.

“guard.me regularly supports charitable initiatives that promote international education,” says Keith Segal, president and founder of guard.me.  “Sport is a great way for people to come together for a good cause.”

Additional sponsors of the event included ICEF, DPMC International, Global Village, Students International and Florian Mathias Schaefer.  All proceeds went to The Association of Heart Children’s Home in Malindi, Kenya for the “Buy a Brick” campaign.

Heart Children’s Home is a community project that supports 24 children, ranging in age from 1 year to 17 years. Started in 2005, the home depends solely on donations from friends and well-wishers around the world.

At the end of the day, the Yellow Team made up of Florian Schäfer, Garry Sheahan of Castel Education and Rod Hearps, Mike Henniger, Rüdiger Laub (ICEF) won the cup and Sean Bradshaw from the European School of English was deemed the Most Valuable Player.

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