Bulking up our Mental Wellness Resources

We always see the bigger picture at guard.me, and we continue to develop our popular mental wellness resources right through the pandemic and beyond.

There’s no point in saying that we are so much more than insurance unless we show it. So, we’re adding even more value to our unique selection of products and services through guard.meCARES-to help you manage stress, enjoy life, maintain balance, and advocate for yourself and those around you.

Breaking down barriers to help and support

In January, we launched our Real Talk series of conversations to raise awareness for mental wellness and encourage people struggling with mental health challenges to share their stories.

Sharing stories breaks down barriers; and having honest and meaningful conversations has the power to influence change. We will be expanding on one point of discussion from our last Real Talk on January 28 around challenges and barriers for people to engage in genuine and frank conversation.

This important issue is the focus of our next Real Talk on March 25 at 12.30 p.m.—”Breaking Down Barriers”—and we are delighted to welcome back the same panellists.

guard.me’s Mental Health and Wellness Specialist, Christina Furtado, will be hosting Real Talk to explore these social barriers—such as culture, guilt, shame, and judgment—preventing people from accessing the help and support systems they need. Please join us on March 25 via guard.me’s Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube channels for another insightful and candid Real Talk.

Take a proactive approach with Mental Health First Aid Training

Organizations trained in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) set a great example as industry leaders that help maintain their employees’ wellness and well-being. It is becoming best practice to have at least one person from each team trained and certified in MHFA—especially during the pandemic and in preparation for a post-pandemic world.

MHFA is evidence-based training available in over 20 countries. Research shows significant and positive results for participants, workplaces, communities, and the countless individuals who have benefitted directly.

Implement your workplace mental health strategy

Our MHFA training provides an effective early-response intervention for people experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis. In the same way that physical first aid is administered, MHFA can be successful as a proactive method of supporting mental wellness—leading to greater happiness and productivity.

guard.me’s MHFA virtual training will help you integrate a workplace mental health strategy so that key members of your team recognize early warning signs when others are struggling. They will learn appropriate ways to offer someone help and advice and refer them to professional services.

Ideal for managers and supervisors

Receive MHFA certification from The Mental Health Commission of Canada through guard.me for less than half the cost of the accrediting institution. Our virtual course model is ideal for managers and supervisors, employee groups, parent clubs, students, and wellness committees. We welcome groups of 8 to 15 participants and offer flexible scheduling to suit your management team, department, committee, or club.

Participants undertake three modules: one self-directed and two subsequent live classroom sessions (four hours each), completed on separate days. The course will enable you and your employees or associates to identify stress and mental health symptoms in themselves and others, and apply effective strategies that lessen distress.

Empower yourself and those around you to lead healthier lives, and book your MHFA training through guard.me today. To enquire and book a group course to fit your schedule, please contact wellnessandlearning@guard.me.

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