We’ve Got The Coverage You Need

The only thing certain during these uncertain times is that guard.me has you covered. 

Whether its coverage for medical expenses when students test positive for COVID-19 or mental health and wellness programs to help with anxiety and stress, guard.me continues to support schools and students with compassion and expertise. 

“As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on providing the essential coverage, programs and services students and schools need to mitigate the unprecedented risk and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of our insured students remains priority one”, says Keith Segal, guard.me CEO and Founder. 

With a valid guard.me policy, students are covered for all new and emergent conditions, including COVID-19. 

“Beyond traditional insurance, guard.meCARES, our health and wellness platform, provides support to students that can help support them in their recovery from the virus” continues Mr. Segal. “We understand that every student has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Some find the stress of isolation or virtual study negatively affecting their mental health, while others suffer with the physical symptoms of the virus. And, with faculty and staff at our partner schools busier than ever during these unusual times, guard.me’s team of industry experts is here to help.” 

“Our people make all the difference”, says Mr. Segal. “We want schools and students to know they are supported by a team that provides service with compassion and care. I’m extremely proud of the way we’ve stepped up during these unusual times.” 

guard.me continuously updates COVID-19 related information on our website in response to client needs for information and support.  As the pandemic continues to impact the world of international education, guard.me will continue to support partner schools by ensuring students are provided with current information and support services to keep them healthy and learning.  

Ever evolving REAL SOLUTIONS like mobileDOCTOR, keep.meSAFE and Wellness and Learning Initiatives – all backed by a team of REAL PEOPLE – mean that guard.me can provide the solutions and assistance needed in today’s REAL LIFE like no other industry partner. 

Even in these uncertain times, with guard.me, you’re covered. Because guard.meCARES. 

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