guard.me International Insurance

Going beyond to support the health and wellness of students around the world.

guard.me International Insurance is one of the world’s largest insurance providers in international education and a leader in addressing the changing needs of organizations and students around the globe.

With over 20 years of experience working with language schools, high schools, universities, colleges, industry associations and agents, guard.me takes pride in keeping international students safe when it matters most. That means creating insurance plans that can be used in every country and for every occasion. Whether students are leaving to go abroad or for international students studying in Canada and the USA, guard.me has a plan for every kind of educational opportunity.

Over the years, guard.me International Insurance has received numerous national and international awards for its client-focused approach and works closely with educational partners around the world to create customizable and affordable plans for full and part-time students, faculty, staff, scholars, researchers and exchange students. A typical guard.me health insurance plan covers 100% of the payment for doctor’s visits and hospitalizations for medically required urgent care, as well as coverage for paramedical care, medicines and urgent dental care.  That means there are no additional charges for students to pay.

Making a claim is fast and easy since everything can be done online. Best of all, guard.me offers telephone support in over 200 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Should a participant be unable to continue their studies and require continued medical care at home, guard.me International Insurance plans include coverage for return to his or her home country. If a catastrophic event occurs, guard.me provides security evacuation or if needed, ensures that the parents or next of kin can be brought to the individual’s bedside.

As part of its long-term investment in the field of international education, guard.me International Insurance also regularly gives back to the community it serves in the form of resources, scholarships and funding. Most recently, guard.me contributed to building school libraries in remote regions of Turkey and has funded several learning centres at colleges across Canada.

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